Sophisticated living: luxury furniture collections

Discover our wide range of elegant and luxurious furniture; from bins to mats.

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With an inspiring and heart-warming history, Vipp has a variety of carefully crafted products ranging from their pioneer product Vipp Bins to Vipp furniture, kitchen, and Vipp Guest Houses (A series of one-room wonders in locations out of the ordinary).

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KOYA Module Houses, based in Munich, crafts top-tier garden houses and saunas with cutting-edge design and quality. As architects and engineers, their modular system creates versatile, transportable structures, serving as garden retreats, offices, or even vacation homes. Tailor-made with luxury options, KOYA realizes your unique dreams.

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RiZZ has a unique range of sustainable luxury products. All designed in-house and are primarily made by craftsmen traditionally, which is how they monitor the quality of their product. Exquisite indoor, outdoor, and custom mats crafted with unparalleled quality.