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We are able to address and better the needs and issues of our clients thanks to the wide range of products offered by our partners.

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Moisture Shield

The distinctive wood composite decking from MoistureShield® is appropriate for use on land, in water, or in any outdoor environment. For your outdoor living space, the solid core's 30-plus years of durability testing guarantees structural dependability.



With our deep understanding of our partner's product and the client's needs, we analyze the task at hand and deliver drawings, solutions, and cost estimates efficiently. For more complex projects, we offer optional BIM (3D Modeling) services.

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Dasso Middle East offers premium Bamboo Decking, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Boasting exceptional durability, eco-friendliness, and a timeless natural look, it provides inviting outdoor spaces. Hassle-free installation with patented invisible profiling and magnet clips.