The mastery of corten steel in architectural brilliance

Corten steel, a pre-oxidized weathering steel, transcends the traditional challenges of rust-prone steel. Developed as an advancement over standard Corten alloys, it undergoes a controlled weathering process, ensuring stability and preventing color bleeding onto adjacent surfaces. With a proprietary manufacturing approach, Corten steel offers enduring and resonant tones, making it a favored choice for architects, artists, and designers.

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Corten mastery: innovative technology

Corten steel, distinguished by its controlled weathering process, undergoes meticulous manufacturing. Starting with ASTM A-588 alloy, the raw steel ingot is refined by Mills Patina engineers ensure quality, inspecting each plate. The steel surface is cleansed, initiating an initial ferric oxide finish. Through proprietary baths, the orange-toned oxide grows, achieving an insoluble state. A final bath halts oxidation, delivering enduring and captivating Corten steel for architectural brilliance.


Elevate architectural design with a suite of cutting-edge products. From the enduring beauty of Corten steel, with its controlled weathering process and resonant tones, to the artistic ambiance of Oscura’s blackened patina, and the preweathered perfection found in our distinct steel offerings. Each product embodies innovation, durability, and aesthetic excellence.

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While often seen as utilitarian, steel becomes intriguing as a surfacing material under specific conditions and with the right alloys.

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Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel offers more than an industrial look; post-fabrication treatments allow for darkening, creating unique iridescence, providing the benefits of galvanized steel with an architectural finish.

weathering steel

Weathering Steel

Weathering steel contains copper as an alloy, developing a protective rust-like oxide layer over time, making it a durable and aesthetically appealing choice for architects and artists.

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Oscura Blackened Steel

Oscura is a proprietary blackened steel patina for interior applications, offering a varied artistic ambiance with a sealed surface to prevent rust in indoor environments.