Vipp: luxury crafted products

With an inspiring and heart-warming history, Vipp has a variety of carefully crafted products ranging from their pioneer product Vipp Bins to Vipp furniture, kitchen, and Vipp Guest Houses (A series of one-room wonders in locations out of the ordinary).


I need a waste bin for my salon

In 1932, 17-year-old Holger Nielsen won a car in a local football stadium lottery. Unable to drive, he sold the car and invested in a metal lathe, pursuing his passion for steel. As a newly trained metal smith, Holger established his metal factory in Randers. When Marie requested a waste bin, Holger crafted the Vipp bin, originally intended for her salon. Demand from doctors’ and dentists’ wives expanded production, turning the Vipp bin into a practical and sought-after product.


Vipp: classic design, unmatched quality

Envisioning a world with enduring elegance, we prioritize timeless designs over fleeting trends. Our meticulously crafted range includes bins, chairs, tables, kitchen items and luxurious furniture items.

Passed down through generations, Vipp products evolve, constantly improving. Renowned for our exquisite bins, we redefine the art of waste disposal. Utilizing reprocessed plastic waste, each product, while diverse in components, shares a commitment to stellar quality, ensuring that throwing away trash has never looked so good.


The Vipp Bin

Let us take out the trash, elegantly.


The Vipp Kitchen

A selection of kitchen modules designed down to the last detail.


Guest Houses

Vipp has been quietly unfolding a palette of guesthouses, each unveiling a locally rooted architectural archetype.


Let us take out the trash

Launched in 1939, Holger Nielsen’s pedal bin marked the beginning of Vipp’s legacy. Crafted with precision by a skilled metalworker, it quickly became a mainstay in Danish clinics for over 50 years. Today, Vipp’s family-driven enterprise expands its industrial design portfolio, drawing inspiration from the functional prowess of the iconic pedal bin. Recognized by MoMA in 2009, this enduring design piece stands as a testament to Vipp’s technical excellence and lasting impact on industrial design.


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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