Redefining Architectural Spaces

Mario Romano Walls redefine architectural spaces by merging aesthetics with efficiency. The exclusive partnership with DuPont Corian® Solid Surface enables the crafting of iconic, custom surfaces that transform exteriors, hospitality settings, healthcare facilities, and multifamily residences. Specializing in creating immersive environments, these walls are favored in event venues, corporate spaces, motorsports, and casinos.

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Mario Romano Walls' Design Philosophy

The design philosophy transcends conventional boundaries, blending high-design aesthetics with practicality. Each panel is a testament to functional beauty, incorporating seamless, infinite surfaces that scale massively without visual breaks. The walls are not just elements but experiences, crafted to enhance any architectural space with dynamic, thermoformable qualities and the option for enchanting backlighting.


Innovative Collection by Mario Romano Walls

The diverse range of wall panels includes options for various applications, each designed with meticulous attention to detail and functionality. As a Specialty Fabrication Partner of DuPont Corian®, each panel is not only visually striking but also robust, meeting the highest standards of durability and hygiene.

Exterior Panels

Customizable, UV Rated, and perfect for elevating the facade of any building.

Healthcare Panels

Hygienic, easy to clean, and designed to withstand rigorous use, making them ideal for medical environments.

Hospitality Panels

Transformative, luxurious, and tailor-made to enrich the ambiance of hotels and resorts.

Technological Mastery

The commitment to innovation is reflected in the seamless integration of Corian®’s advanced features with artistic wall designs. Each panel is crafted to be not only a visually captivating feature but also a durable, easy-to-install solution that stands the test of time. Whether it’s creating a custom, branded reception desk or a backlit feature wall, the technology-driven approach ensures precision and quality in every project.


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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