Magiline: customized & equipped in-ground pools

Enhance any space with a Magiline pool. Garden, yard, balcony, terrace, or rooftop. Built with no pump room as the filter system is integrated within the walls of the pool; Magiline pool could be used in any location. Energy-efficient and withstanding any climate with 86 international patents, enjoy leisurely swimming with a 10-year warranty.


Innovative Solution

The technology behind magaline

Our pool system renews filtered water three times faster by boasting a 15-micron filtration fineness that minimizes chemical usage. The flow multiplier ensures an efficient water flow. Guarantee your pool’s safety with a pool alarm, while the MAGIguard-X submerged pool cover offers both elegance and security for Magiline pools, featuring rapid installation, a 10 cm water height gain, and customizable options.


Magiline’s new generation filtration NFX

The ground-breaking new generation nfx filtration system from Magiline integrates the pump room right into your pool for improved functionality, affordability, simplicity, and aesthetics. It ensures cleaner, healthier water by using less chemicals thanks to its 15 micron filtration fineness. By optimizing water flow, the nfx system lowers deposits and improves overall water quality. Additionally, it eliminates the requirement of having a separate technical room, offering a stylish, all-in-one solution that is low maintenance and eco-friendly, saving a substantial amount of energy.


New generation pool

Magiline develops custom pools that blend in perfectly with your environment. Your preferences are our top priority, from custom shapes and dimensions to equipped benches and stairs. Select from a variety of colors and high-end gear. We guarantee comfort, protection, and waterproofing with our liners, armed membranes, and ecotech comfort foam. Design a pool that meets the needs of every member of the family, including areas for kids to play and places for swimming and diving.


Rectangular Pool

Design your ideal rectangular pool with patented structure and advanced filtration.


Square Pool

Choose the rising trend of a square pool shape with versatile dimensions.


Curved Pool

The Miami pool offers exotic charm with Hollywood-inspired curves, perfect for your garden.


Small Size Pool XS

Small space, big dreams. Experience a vacation at home with quality design.


Large Swimming Pool XXL

Dream big! Custom in-ground pools with limitless sizes and à la carte equipment.


Corner Pool

Magiline technology turns inground pool dreams into reality. Limitless shapes, customizable U-areas, expert advice.


Swimming Pool Swim Lane

Swim effortlessly with Magiline's 20m swim lane, transforming your pool into a fitness haven.


Overflowing Pool

Magiline's Horizon overflow pool integrates seamlessly, providing a luxurious landscape-enhancing experience.


Indoor Pool

Magiline excels in indoor pool expertise, crafting diverse styles with modular panel concepts.


Magiline Pools introduces IMAGI-X, a patented solution for an intelligent, automatic, and economical pool. Designed to simplify your life, it offers features like automatic water level management, remote access to pool parameters via an app, and efficient water treatment. IMAGI-X ensures ease of use, reduced consumption, and an eco-responsible approach. With functions like lighting control and Balneo activation, it optimizes your pool experience, making it a hassle-free and environmentally conscious choice.


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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