Effortless concrete artistry

Graphic Concrete technology effortlessly embeds lasting patterns onto precast concrete surfaces, providing a simple avenue for creating textured and visually captivating finishes. By applying a surface retarder to special paper during the precast process, this patented method ensures 100% concrete results that are both durable and maintenance-free, offering versatile design possibilities.

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Versatile Advantages

Concrete horizons

Unleash limitless design possibilities with Graphic Concrete. Benefit from durability and low-maintenance elegance. Embrace sustainable solutions and explore versatile applications for visually stunning concrete surfaces.

The Process

From paper to concrete

Embark on the Graphic Concrete journey from design to surface transformation. Begin by choosing a pattern from our collection or crafting a unique design. Graphic Concrete then intricately prints the selected pattern onto special paper, incorporating a surface retarder.

The next step involves local precasters integrating this paper seamlessly into the concrete production process. Finally, receive assembly-ready Graphic Concrete sheets and effortlessly install them, witnessing the seamless evolution of your chosen design into a stunning concrete surface.


Crafting sustainable concrete

Graphic Concrete® showcases unparalleled craftsmanship with its patented retarder paper, a 100% ecological innovation hailing from Finland for sustainable construction. This specialist paper, crafted from sustainable Nordic-certified wood using green energy, forms the core of the company’s product. Its carbon-neutral nature and waterproof coating, derived from ecological fossil-free raw material, underscore a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Continuous research and development, exemplified by founder Samuli Naamanka, ensure the evolution toward a 100% CO2-free product, reflecting a dedication to advancing eco-friendly practices in concrete craftsmanship.

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Transformative Surfaces

Diverse concrete environments

Transform your surroundings with Graphic Concrete, infusing distinctive flair into building exteriors, sound walls, parking houses, interiors, pavers, landscaping, and schools. The versatility of this long-lived and sustainable solution allows surfaces to tell stories and surprise passers-by with intriguing dimensions.


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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