Flexbrick: revolutionizing ceramic architecture

Flexbrick is a unique sustainable ceramic/terracotta textile that speeds up construction and beautifies building envelopes. It employs steel wire mesh for flexible, adaptable facades. These bricks can be hung like curtains with customizable patterns. For every project, Flexbrick is easily customizable.

Flexbrick La Gota facade

Innovative Solution

Dressing architecture

A vast range of industries, including residential buildings, offices, and other facilities like shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and schools, can utilize the cutting-edge FLEXBRICK® system.


A new world of possibilities in architecture

A wide variety of structures, such as residential buildings, offices, and other facilities such as retail malls, hotels, hospitals, and schools, may utilize the cutting-edge FLEXBRICK® system.

We can design continuous surfaces with FLEXBRICK® that flow the eye in a pleasing manner from sidewalks to roofs or from facades to ceilings. This specific feature enables the color and texture to be maintained throughout the building site by using the same ceramic material in various applications within the same construction project.

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Flexbrick facades: composition and benefits

With their captivating optical effects, Flexbrick facades impress by skillfully combining a variety of decorations, materials, and fabric densities, while simultaneously upholding crucial insulation standards. The composition consists of a waterproof sheet, an internal enclosure sheet, insulation, and Flexbrick tissue that is suspended from the upper end.

Advantages abound, with lightweight, permeable internal enclosure sheets, simplified lattice creation, efficient Flexbrick anchorages, swift installation, and breathable solutions for impeccable thermal and acoustic performance.

Flexbrick makes it possible to treat open and closed facade sections consistently, guaranteeing a consistent visual finish.

Flexbrick - Ceramic pavement


Flexbrick pavements: reinventing ceramic paving

Similar to laying out a carpet, Flexbrick pavements minimize execution time while providing simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Examine various design options that include different finishes and affordable, complex designs for heavy road, as well as pedestrian traffic. It is simple to install by hand or with a crane, requires no perimeter wrapping, and works with conventional bases. It is ideal for streets with little traffic and gardens.


Why choose us?

Flexbrick is an innovative architectural solution that combines the durability of ceramic tiles with the flexibility of a woven steel mesh, creating a versatile cladding material for various applications. It’s designed to be eco-friendly, utilizing sustainable methods and materials, making it ideal for modern, conscious constructions. The system allows architects and builders to cover flat and slightly bent surfaces seamlessly, offering both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Flexbrick’s adaptability extends to facades, roofs, and landscaping, providing a unique blend of form and function while championing environmental sustainability and design freedom.
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