BioDesign’s eco-friendly pool innovation

Bio Designs is at the forefront of eco-friendly pool technology, eliminating the need for concrete and seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings to mimic a lake or beach. Achieved through their innovative structural coating made of quartz and resin, the system boasts a waterproofing capability over 300% more elastic than traditional pool materials.


The advantages of Biodesign technology

Years spent researching the construction of pools all over the world produced a technology that, due to the patented Biodesign coating, has little effect on the environment, excellent waterproofing, and strong structural performance. According to technical data, waterproof liners have over 300% more elasticity than traditional pools and are more resilient to chemicals, ice, UV radiation, and UV light over time.


Why choose us?

In contrast to conventional pools, Biodesign pools provide a sustainable, well-thought-out, and effective option. These pools are free of concrete, non-invasive, and perfectly complement their surroundings. They offer a more flexible area for lounging, diving, and swimming. They can be installed more quickly and affordably as they maintain their appeal all year round and provide lots of customization possibilities to improve the aesthetics of your garden. In general, Biodesign pools are a unique and environmentally responsible option for anyone searching for a functional and elegant pool solution.

A Better Swimming Experience
Short Installation Time
Livability With No Limits

Biodesign pool advantages

Discover Biodesign Pool’s Strength, Eco-Care, and Global Patents – Shaping the Future of Pool Excellence.

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Ecofriendly building technology

When a client engages with our product; management naturally comes along as part of the process, from assisting clients with any challenge to highly reliable site surveying if needed.

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Certified structural solidity

This technology is particularly designed to remove the weaknesses of the old pools by redistributing the weight and improving the performances of the materials.

patent protection

International patent protection

Respect for the environment increases the value of the product and prolongs the success of the business.

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Environmental sensitivity

Biodesign Pools received the inaugural BCN sustainability award for efficient resource use, environment respect, and eco-friendliness. 


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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