Vinyl Flooring Craftsmanship

Barth and Co, based in Munich, crafts premium vinyl flooring solutions, offering versatile, luxurious designs for both private and commercial use. Specializing in high-quality indoor flooring, Barth and Co combines innovative design with sustainability, ensuring personalized, high-quality indoor living solutions.

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Design Philosophy

At Barth and Co, design transcends mere aesthetics, embodying a philosophy of practical elegance and functional beauty. Each flooring solution reflects a harmonious blend of modern architectural principles with durable materials, creating spaces that are both visually stunning and exceptionally practical. Barth and Co’s dedication to innovative, yet timeless design, ensures every vinyl floor is not just a covering, but a masterpiece of form meeting function. This commitment to blending contemporary design with durability sets Barth and Co apart, offering clients a unique fusion of style and utility.


Innovative Vinyl Flooring Collection

Discover Barth and Co’s premium vinyl flooring offerings: Classic Vinyl Dryback and Rigid Vinyl SolidCORE®. Each line is crafted to combine aesthetic appeal with functional durability, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern indoor spaces. These products ensure style, comfort, and longevity for both residential and commercial environments.

Classic Vinyl: Dryback Flooring

Directly glued, highly durable, suitable for high-traffic areas. Features recyclable wood and stone designs.

Rigid Vinyl: SolidCORE® Flooring

Robust, noise-reducing, water-resistant. Offers realistic wood and stone textures; ideal for stylish, modern environments.

Tech-Infused Elegance

Barth and Co integrates cutting-edge technology into its flooring designs, enhancing indoor living with smart features and efficient practices. Emphasizing comfort and convenience, Barth and Co’s vinyl flooring options offer advanced water resistance, impact sound reduction, and easy cleaning solutions. This technological integration ensures each floor is not just a surface, but a smart, eco-friendly foundation, setting new standards in functionality and efficiency, while maintaining Barth and Co’s commitment to luxury and aesthetic excellence.


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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