Alpbau: crafting architectural excellence with wood

Alpbau is an international architectural and construction company that specializes in imposing wooden structures. They have a large portfolio of projects, including the Vorobevy Gory station and the Mega sports and entertainment complex. They are known for their work with special geometric shapes and complex designs.

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Multifunctional architectural structures

Alpbau’s glulam structures offer versatile applications, from sports courts and glamping sites to pool canopies and bridges. Whether for outdoor rooms or restaurants, our diverse designs cater to a range of purposes.


Glulam structures

At Alpbau, we develop efficient and cost-effective solutions for large and complex structures using Glulam wood. Compared to similarly sized dimensional timber, Glued laminated timber is stiffer and even stronger than steel. Glulam is also an exceedingly innovative construction material as well as sustainable, guaranteeing you durability for numerous years.

We are proud to specialize in Glulam structures, bridging architectural solutions to maximum functionality.


Why choose Alpbau?

Experienced international architectural and construction company.

We provide turnkey services for all your construction needs.

Awarded with ISO 9001 quality certificate confirming the safety and quality assurance of all our facilities.

Vast portfolio with a variety of projects. Unique patent for reliable and safe joint unit for wooden structures.


Alpbau: unique wooden designs

Our products are a unique combination of modern architecture, comfort, environmental friendliness of materials and quality for many years. Our construction has a very wide range of applications that allows you to erect structures and designs of any size due to architectural elasticity, all without compromising durability.

The effectiveness of modular technology for the collection of structures can significantly save on logistics, meanwhile maintaining an eco-conscious solution. Each component of the building system is manufactured in strict compliance with international technological requirements.

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Wooden Quadrosphere

Multifunctional wooden construction made of glued structural beams, metal connectors and tent cover. Easy, stress-free assembly that assures a comfortable homey feel.

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Long- Span Structures

Long span structures provide the flexibility of architectural solutions and maximum functionality. Save on logistics while maintaining high strength, and light weight.

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Wooden Pavilions

Raise the status and attractiveness of your concepts with wood. It's natural attributes help create a reliable structure while preserving weight and sustainability.


Wooden Pergolas

Laconic shapes and natural materials are what we stand for. Each design is custom-tailored to add value and solace to your outdoor space.


Wooden Spheres

Collapsible design of spherical wooden beams. The internal space allows you to build a second floor comfortably.


Wooden Houses

Individually tailored to your specifics. We provide over 40 variants of modifications allowing you to customize your living space. Each house is energy efficient and checked thoroughly for air tightness.


Our references reflect the consistent quality, innovation, and client satisfaction we provide.

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