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The advantages of Biodesign technology

Biodesign technology leverages advanced eco-engineering principles to deliver pools with superior structural integrity and reduced ecological impact. Featuring patented waterproofing technology and rapid, low-impact installation processes, Biodesign pools offer high durability and excellent chemical resistance. Customize seamlessly with our flexible design options that integrate perfectly into diverse landscapes, ensuring both technical superiority and environmental sustainability in every project.


Biodesign pools utilize a revolutionary no-concrete technology that emphasizes sustainability and flexibility. By incorporating eco-resins and natural materials, these pools avoid the environmental degradation associated with traditional concrete. The innovative structural system, enhanced with geotextile layers and patented resins, provides robust durability and allows for rapid installation. This method not only speeds up the construction process but also ensures that each pool is perfectly adapted to its natural surroundings.

patent protection

Globally recognized patents safeguard our innovative pool construction technologies and designs.

The Best Swimming

Expertly engineered for comfort, aesthetics, and functionality, enhancing every swim.


Offers endless design options, tailoring shape, size, and features to individual preferences.

Eco-Friendly Building

Utilizes sustainable materials and methods to minimize environmental impact during construction.

Certified Structural

Rigorously tested for durability, our pools meet stringent international structural standards.

Installation Time

Streamlined processes enable swift pool setup, significantly cutting down on construction time.

Certified BioDesign Structure

Analysis of resistance & compression

university of Modena & Reggio Emilia

Engineering department “Enzo Ferrari”.

Environmental sensitivity

Biodesign Pools received the top award at BCN for its product sustainability, recognizing the efficient use of resources such as water, energy, and raw materials. This accolade highlights the company’s commitment to environmental respect throughout the pool’s lifecycle — from production and installation to usage, dismantling, and recycling. The award celebrates Biodesign’s dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

Installation Times

Approximate duration for the installation of a 60m2 pool with a team of 4 professionals.

advantages Of BioDesign

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