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Biodesign, a division of API Italia, has been a leader in the water management industry for over 30 years, specializing in aesthetic and recreational applications, including artificial lakes, fountains, and water games.

Founded in Milan in 1980, the company initially focused on irrigating golf courses and public parks, managing over 30 golf structures and numerous significant parks across Italy. By the early 1990s, API Italia introduced centralized telecontrol systems to manage municipal green spaces in Italy, incorporating smart controllers for garden technology—irrigation, lighting, fountains, and pools.

In 1995, API Italia secured an exclusive license for OASE products, enhancing its expertise in monumental fountains and lakes. This rich heritage underpins Biodesign’s innovative, eco-friendly pool solutions, continuing to set industry standards in design and sustainability.


Biodesign pools exemplify eco-sustainability through their revolutionary design and construction practices, prioritizing environmental responsibility at every stage. Our pools utilize patented eco-resins and geotextile layers, significantly reducing the ecological impact traditionally associated with pool construction.

These materials are not only durable and adaptable to various landscapes but also minimize the use of concrete, a major source of CO2 emissions. Additionally, Biodesign’s installation process is designed to preserve the existing ecosystem, avoiding extensive excavation and disruption. Water management systems within our pools are engineered to conserve water, and the inclusion of biological water treatment processes reduces the reliance on harsh chemicals.

This comprehensive approach ensures that each Biodesign pool contributes to a sustainable future, offering a low-carbon footprint and enhancing the natural beauty of its surroundings, all while maintaining industry-leading performance and aesthetics.

We have completely revolutionized the pool concept.

Biodesign has fundamentally transformed the pool industry by integrating eco-sustainable technologies and customizable designs since its inception. Our pioneering approach eliminates the use of concrete, opting instead for eco-resins and natural materials, which significantly reduces environmental impact. This innovation represents a major shift from traditional methods, marking a new era in pool design that harmonizes luxury with environmental stewardship.

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